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Message from the President of Earth


President Detweiler -Leah Detweiler
President of Earth

My fellow Earthicans,

As we all know some millions of years ago the very first life forms crawled on land, then another 65.5 million years ago the dastardly Brain Spawn would have been the cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs. Finally, the Human race evolved. Between the 51st and 61st centuries most of our Earth cities were destroyed, multiple times. However, by the end of the 31st century many cities have been rebuilt, we thrived and our technology level sky rocketed.
Our planet has been united in a process mostly led by citizens of the US. Dozens, if not hundreds of other planets, and minor planets have been colonized. As denizens and new Future Earthicans come out of cryogenic stasis and join us from other planets, while they getting "settled", and as they become more familiar with this century and our Earthican customs, remember that while most of these people may appear and sound delusional, they have likely been frozen for decades possibly longer and possibly even from a planet or even time period much different then our own.
This new era and our planet may be very challenging at first to acclimate to, the best very best accommodation is for every person, man woman and child to continue their daily routines unless assistance is of you is desperately need.

Do something every day that you don't want to do; this is the golden rule for acquiring the habit of doing your duty without pain. Mark Twain

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RP on this wiki will be taking place mostly on planet Earth in the future, meaning sometime in the year 6000 (Going based on the current year ex. 2013 is 6013).

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Belle -Founder
"Doubt whom you will, but never yourself."

This is a Futurama RolePlay Wiki, the idea of which is based off of the show Futurama. RP on this wiki will be taking place on planet Earth in the future meaning sometime in the year 6000 (Going based on the current year ex. 2013 is 6013). Users can create their own personal RP section on their Character pages, otherwise all RP is done in the comment sections.

This is a wiki for Registered users, please do not create a character page unless you are have signed in. Anonymous Contributor content will be deleted. Registered Users are free to create a character, Human, Clone, Mutant, Robot or Alien character. Please do not edit another users pages without their consent. This wiki is very new and there is a lot of work to be done. Progress on this wiki will be very slow, if you have suggestions message me, Belle Linda.

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